Cynthia R. Moore, J.D., Ph.D.

Cynthia R. Moore received a B.A. in Chemistry from Duke University in 1978, a Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry from the University of Virginia in 1989, and a J.D. from Seton Hall University School of Law in 1998. Prior to attending graduate school, Cynthia worked in the Chemistry Department and at the Cancer Biology Research Laboratory at Stanford University, where she was involved with membrane studies and monoclonal antibody technologies. Cynthia's graduate work involved structural studies of the nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor, utilizing proteolytic digestion and mass spectrometric sequencing and fluorescence spectroscopy to investigate the transmembrane topography of the protein and the ion channel gating. This work was presented at the Biophysical Society annual meetings in 1987 and 1989. Cynthia's postdoctoral experience includes an Intramural Research Training fellowship at the National Institutes of Health, investigating the electrophysiology and biophysics of ion channels in black lipid membranes, and further postdoctoral work at Rutgers University, investigating the thermodynamics of DNA conformation and drug binding. Cynthia was an Assistant Instructor at Rutgers College of Pharmacy for pharmaceutical chemistry, and was also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, where she lectured on separation and purification techniques in analytical chemistry.

After receiving her J.D., Cynthia was an associate at the law firm of Davidson, Davidson & Kappel, LLP, in Manhattan, where she concentrated on prosecuting patents, drafting opinions and performing due diligence analyses relating to patentability or technology licensing and acquisition, primarily in the areas of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Cynthia was also an associate at Reed & Associates in Menlo Park, CA, where she prepared and prosecuted patents, and drafted opinions, primarily in the areas of polymers, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Cynthia’s practice includes patent preparation, prosecution and related services, specializing in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological fields, and including nanotechnology, medical devices and instrumentation. She has experience with FDA-related patent matters, including patent invalidity analyses associated with ANDA submissions. Cynthia is familiar with technologies in diverse areas such as immunology, biochemistry and biophysics of membranes and membrane proteins, nucleic acid structures and drug binding, molecular biology and gene therapy, transgenic plants and animals, physiology and pharmacology, new chemical entities, pharmaceutical formulations and methods of treatment, LEDs, explosives, natural products, analytical and diagnostic instrumentation, and nanotechnology. Cynthia is admitted to the bar in New York and registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Dr. David Dreyfuss

Dr. David Dreyfuss is a United States registered patent agent and also serves as a technical expert in the physical sciences with experience in digital imaging and printing, medical devices including sensors and medical imaging, electrostatics, materials science, optics, MEMS, computer hardware and software, and internet-based businesses, among others. He is involved in patent drafting and prosecution, performs technical analyses for freedom-to-operate, infringement and patentability evaluations, and has served as a technical expert for patent litigation and advertising claims disputes in the areas of digital imaging and printing.

Dr. Dreyfuss is a senior entrepreneur and technologist with unusually broad-based multidisciplinary experience and expertise in the physical sciences and engineering and experience in a broad range of settings and industries. Starting from degrees in Physics and Gas Dynamics from MIT, he went on to teach Mechanical Engineering at Rutgers, develop automated inspection systems at PA Technology and Dupont, and develop printers and printing systems at PA, AM Graphics, Lexmark and The Salmon Group, among other activities. He chaired the 1998 International Conference on Digital Printing Technology. He currently serves as VP of Engineering for Aerulean Plant Identification Systems, Inc. in addition to his patent-related activities. He has been on the Board of the Viola da Gamba Society of America for whom he edited a quarterly newsletter for more than a decade. As an independent consultant he has worked on digital printing, inspection and machine vision problems as well as such diverse activities as intellectual property, Google Answers and web site and e-commerce business development. He has numerous published articles, papers and patents.

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