The following are selected examples of issued patents and published applications drafted and/or prosecuted by Moore Patents staff.

Issued Patents
8,679,462Methods for preventing respiratory infections
8,577,616System and method for plant identification
8,381,981Radio frequency identification of lighting fixtures
8,359,593Computing machine migration of file system images using a redo-log file
8,301,389System and method for plant selection
8,291,436Synchronization of event handlers
8,272,211Tide operated energy system
8,266,710Methods for preventing software piracy
8,159,156Lighting systems and methods of auto-commissioning
8,112,601Data storage device with security feature
8,037,032Managing backups using virtual machines
Relieving urban traffic congestion
7,872,014Anaplastic lymphoma kinase modulators and methods of use
7,854,901Oil/smoke extractor
7,850,551Mobile practice targets
7,817,024Vehicle tire warning system
7,780,416Blinking sail windmill
7,749,772Antibody and immunoassays for determining the presence of Δ9/Tetrahydrocannabinol
7,724,680 Method and technique for the processing and intelligent display of wideband direction-finding data
7,724,458Hard disk drive with selectable reading and writing to/from different platter surfaces
7,651,762Methods and devices using a shrinkable support for porous monolithic materials
7,628,915Metal cyano bonded phases
7,604,627Nasopharyngeal sheath for nasogastric intubation
7,595,350Ultraporous sol gel monoliths
7,595,026Solid phase extraction pipette
7,565,156Method and technique for the processing and display of wideband geolocation determination data
7,612,165Solid-phase synthesis in a capillary
7,468,281Hollow fiber membrane sample preparation devices
7,445,939Stable liquid membranes for liquid phase microextraction
7,439,272Ultraporous sol gel monoliths
7,378,035Ionic material
7,311,825Polymer modified porous substrate for solid phase extraction
7,125,945Functionalized polymer for oligonucleotide purification
7,125,488Polar/modified bonded phase materials for chromatographic separations
Electroluminescent polymers and use thereof in light-emitting devices
7,034,113Bacteriocin/metal complexes in the detection of pathogens and other biological analytes
6,926,823Polymer with superior polar retention for sample pretreatment
D587,250 Wireless microphone karaoke system with slide
Published Applications
Methods for mapping depth and surface current
2013/0104596Self-priming pump
2013/0066255Monitoring incentive spirometry
2012/0297655Illuminated chamber status indicator
2012/0225063Treatment response to anti-angiogenic therapies
2012/0099219Secure data storage device
2012/0045333Blinking sail windmill with safety control
2011/0199020Methods of commissioning lighting systems
2011/0101872Systems and methods for embedding interrupts into a serial data stream
2010/0322849Enhanced B cell cytotoxicity of cdim binding antibody
2010/0312704Method and apparatus for on demand generation, use and transfer of virtual financial instruments
2010/0050170Access to data for virtual devices
2009/0216676Integrated mobile transaction system and methods thereof
2009/0119962Methods and apparatuses for the display of promotional images
2008/0262490Minimal device and method for effecting hyperthermia derived anesthesia
2008/0034422Lock with a new feature
2008/0031874Treatment of endotoxemia using endotoxin neutralizing agents
WO2008/1442854Devices and methods for reducing matrix effects
2007/0275049Anti/tumor molecular vaccine and method of making thereof
2007/0259033Controlled release formulations exhibiting an ascending rate of release
2007/0179123Methods and compositions for treating diseases associated with pathogenic proteins
2007/0081989Treatment of B cell diseases using anti/germline antibody binding agents
2007/0032515Anaplastic lymphoma kinase modulators and methods of use
2005/0191344Liposome composition for delivery of therapeutic agents
2005/0175683Preparation of lipid particles
2005/0169992Methods and dosage forms for increasing solubility of drug compositions for controlled delivery
2005/0158382Controlled release formulations of opioid and nonopioid analgesics
2005/0119330Use of antiproliferative agents in the treatment and prevention of pulmonary proliferative vascular diseases
2005/0112130Enhanced B cell cytotoxicity of CDIM binding antibody
2005/0089570Oros push-stick for controlled delivery of active agents
2003/0152637Local anesthetic, and method of use
2003/0148291Method of immobilizing biologically active molecules for assay purposes in a microfluidic format
2003/0013843Electroluminescent polymers and use thereof in light-emitting devices