Overview of our practice


Moore Patents is an intellectual property practice focusing on patent law, including patent preparation, prosecution and related services.  Our goal is to provide high quality patent services, emphasizing attention to detail and focus on client needs, as well as on budget considerations.  In addition, we observe the highest ethical standards, and aim to provide patents that will hold up under scrutiny and prevail during any litigation or threatened litigation.    Every effort will be made to achieve these goals.  Client participation is required to achieve these goals as well, such as participating in analysis of prior art, compliance with record keeping regarding inventions, and submission of references to the Patent Office for Examiner review.  By working together, patentees and patent professionals can achieve affordable and effective patent protection.



The firmís attorneys and patent agents work under reduced overhead costs, and therefore services can be provided to clients at a lower cost, without sacrificing attention to detail or quality.   We believe that this unique business model will be attractive to clients seeking to maximize their monetary investment in their intellectual property.


The firm's professionals are assigned hourly billing rates based upon experience and expertise, such rates being adjusted periodically.  The fees charged by the firm are based primarily on time spent plus expenses.   However, fees may be negotiable, and flat fee billing is encouraged.   In addition, related patent matters can be handled on a reduced fee basis as well.

Billing, and Payment Policy

Clients are generally billed monthly for services rendered and cash disbursements made during the immediately preceding month.

Retainers and Estimates

At the initiation of client representation, the firm may request an advance retainer against services to be performed and disbursements to be made.

The cost of certain types of work, such as patent and trademark searches, preparation of patent and trademark applications, renewals, and similar matters, can be estimated in advance with reasonable accuracy.   As mentioned above, a flat rate for services can be negotiated.  We may request advance payment for the estimated cost of such services and expenses.

All retainers are kept in a separate account and are applied as credit toward payment of bills rendered with the client being advised.

Other services, such as licensing and validity and infringement studies, involve costs that are very difficult to estimate in advance.  In these cases, we discuss the factors which may influence costs, and estimate the range of likely costs involved in the project.  In some instances, a cap on the fee can be negotiated.

Payment schedule

All billings are due and payable when rendered. An account unpaid more than 30 days is considered overdue.  We may decline to render further services until arrangements have been agreed to for bringing an overdue account up to date.

  The firm reserves the right to withdraw its representation as to any ongoing work for a client whose account is overdue by more than 90 days.  The firm will give reasonable advance notice of intention to withdraw, and the client shall be deemed to have consented to the firm’s withdrawing.



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